What is Responsive Web Design and Why You Need It for Your Website

Responsive Web Design (RWD) gives a website the ability to change its layout based on the screen size of the device viewing it. For instance a desktop computer might see three columns across of website content whereas a smartphone might see just one column at a time. This ability to respond to the size of the device is driven by the explosive growth of smartphones and tablets.

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Discovering Your Visual Preferences

In a perfect world, every company and organization would have branding design and guidelines that run as deep as the Coca Cola Company’s. But in world of limited resources, web designers and their clients sometimes need to extend the brand to a website without visual precedent. In order to aid this process of determining the right look without reference, the examples below have been collected to help narrow down visual preferences.

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Website Vendor Roles

For many small businesses, knowing who their web vendors are usually sits on the bottom of their priority list except for the day they need help. When that day arrives, there is nothing more important than getting a hold of who hosts your website or who registered it for you in order to turn it back on or to make sure it doesn’t go down.


Because it’s not a priority most of the time, forgetting who does what is typical. Many times, someone else often sets up these relationships so you might not even know who they are.

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Notes on Finding and Delivering Website Assets

To begin a new website design, one of the first key pieces we need in place are your company’s photo and graphic assets. These are typically your company logo and related branding initiatives, property photos, staff photos, menus or any other graphic you want to be part of your website.

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