Notes on Finding and Delivering Website Assets



To begin a new website design, one of the first key pieces we need in place are your company’s photo and graphic assets. These are typically your company logo and related branding initiatives, property photos, staff photos, menus or any other graphic you want to be part of your website. They break down into two main categories: Photos and Graphics.


We encourage you to always use a professional photographer for your company’s photos. We realize that personal digital cameras are ubiquitous, but there is a distinct qualitative difference between photos from a professional and your average consumer. Website design is more and more dependent on the quality of photo assets and your company’s image to the world is seen in your photos.


Atomic Blue can help coordinate a professional photo shoot if you would like to have one. If you can’t afford a professional, ask your photo enthusiast friend or employee with pro equipment to help you.


Photo File Types
Photo files are typically in .jpg (jpeg) format but could also be in .tif or .psd. The size is measured in pixels, both width and height. We try to start with photos that are at least 1500 pixels in the long dimension. Something around 2000 x 3000 pixels is great for a photo file.


Our goal in the web design process is to create a website that looks like a natural extension of your company’s brand. Logo and brand graphics are the key to that goal. For companies with a sophisticated brand, there is usually a brand bible or book of guidelines in your corporate or marketing department. For small and medium size businesses, often you have to revisit your latest marketing initiatives to collect the brand assets.


These brand assets might come from brochures, one-sheets, or business cards. You may have to call the vendor who produced the piece for you to retrieve the files.


Graphic File Types
What we are looking for in graphic assets are .ai or .eps files. These are resolution independent, so a small logo might be enlarged and still look great. Other possible usable formats are .pdf or .indd. When in doubt, get all files types and we can sort through them for you.


A Note About Web Graphics
Website graphics are the lowest quality graphics, but the most readily available. They are the digital equivalent of images from a fax machine. Unfortunately, although Atomic Blue produces web graphics, they are not suitable to begin a project with.


Delivery of Assets
Email is usually a great way to send asset files as long as they aren’t too large. A good rule of thumb is that most email systems can handle files less than 5 MB in size. You may need to send the assets in several emails. If you have more than 5-10 files, you may want to zip the files together in a .zip file. Files larger than 5 MB can be delivered via FTP, IM, online storage vendors like Dropbox (recommended), or by mailing a CD or thumb drive.


Please contact us with any questions you may have when rounding up your photo assets. We are happy to help make the process as easy as possible for you.