What is Responsive Web Design and Why You Need It for Your Website

What is Responsive Web Design and Why You Need It for Your Website
What is Responsive Web Design?
Responsive Web Design (RWD) gives a website the ability to change its layout based on the screen size of the device viewing it. For instance a desktop computer might see three columns across of website content whereas a smartphone might see just one column at a time. This ability to respond to the size of the device is driven by the explosive growth of smartphones and tablets.


Do I Need Responsive Web Design?
You want to reach your viewers with the most effective presentation possible. If your business has any significant number of small screen devices accessing your website, you should have a responsive site to engage that audience.


You can check the data for this by asking for your site analytics concerning Mobile usage. If you have Google Analytics, you can find it under Audience>Mobile>Overview.


What Happened to “Mobile” Websites?
Mobile websites originally came about for phones that couldn’t display regular websites. Then Smartphones burst on the scene with real web browsers that made a normal website really small, but attractive. Now we can create websites for small screens but are as engaging as full websites. Extra bonus: RWD eliminates the duplication of effort needed to create two websites for different devices.


Is RWD something I can add to my existing website?
Responsive Web Design is an approach that needs to be taken at the beginning of the design process. It is not something to bolt on after a site is created because most existing designs are not structured to take advantage of RWD and rebuilding that structure can be about the same scope of work as creating a new design.


When should I implement a RWD site?
You should begin planning now for your next design refresh of your existing website. If you have been trying to get a new design for your company’s website, RWD might just be the catalyst you’ve been waiting for.


What are some examples of RWD?
Atomic Blue has recently design a RWD site for Puako Bay you can check out as well as these well known sites below. If you drag your browser window size handle horizontally, you can see how the site responds.



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